Dealing With a Burst Pipe? Not for Long!

Our pipe repair experts serve clients in Jim Thorpe, Lehighton, Allentown and Northampton, PA

Freezing temperatures, rust, corrosion, hard water and shifting soil can all lead to burst pipes in your home. If you need emergency pipe repairs after a burst, Agosto Plumbing & Remodeling is the company to call. We serve clients in the Jim Thorpe, Lehighton, Allentown and Northampton, PA areas.

It isn't always easy to spot a leak, but there are some telltale signs. If you're hearing dripping noise in the walls, experiencing mold growth in your home or paying higher water bills than normal, you probably have a leak on your hands. Dial 484-221-4929 immediately for assistance finding and stopping the leak.


Don't be helpless when a pipe bursts

You don't want the water from your burst pipe to wreak havoc on your home, which is why we have some steps you should take to minimize the damage. After you find the burst pipe, you should...

  • Shut off your water
  • Turn off your electrical system
  • Drain any excess water through your faucets
  • Take photos of any damage immediately

We'll arrive quickly to find the source of the leak, stop it and make any emergency pipe repairs.